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Domain forwarding: how to forward domain hosting?

To summarize briefly, here are the steps you need to take for domain forwarding:

Login to your Teklan.Com.TR account
Go to the page where you will manage the domain name you want to connect to the hosting and click the "manage" button
Go to the "DNS Management" page for the domain you have chosen.
Make the necessary edits under the "DNS Management" heading
Let's look at the details, step by step, now...

When you log in, you will see a special page for you.
If a different page opens, click on the customer panel section in the upper right corner,
and then select My Domain Names from the left menu, and you can come to the page you see above.
Under Domain Names, your domain names that you bought from Teklan.com.tr will be listed.
Press the Manage button next to the domain name you want to forward domain.

As you can see above, you will come to the domain name-specific management page you selected for the domain forwarding process. 
On this page, you can also see the date on which your domain name will be automatically renewed.
Speaking of auto-renewal, let's do a reminder: If you don't renew your expired domains in time, they could fall into someone else's hands. When you click on the Manage DNS option, you will be directed to the DNS Management page. Here, the actual domain forwarding process begins; The section under the phrase "DNS MANAGEMENT" is domain forwarding. The section under the phrase "NAME SERVER MANAGEMENT" is the section for creating private dns used in RESELLER services.
When you get your hosting plan, name server addresses starting with NS1 and NS2 are sent to you by your hosting provider.
If you can't find what to write here, check your email from your hosting provider or contact them.
When you enter these addresses and click the "Update DNS" button, you have successfully completed the forwarding process! You have completed the domain forwarding process! When you try to enter your website by typing your domain name right after pressing Save,
do not panic if you see that your site is not yet open.
Please note that it can take 24-48 hours for information to propagate to DNS servers.

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