Corporate History
TEKLAN Data Center; offers its customers individual and corporate data center services (Server Hosting, Server Rental, Cloud Servers RCD, Web Hosting, Managed Services, Security Services) with its uninterrupted internet access, technical infrastructure, the most advanced technology in energy and air conditioning, and its experienced technical team.
TEKLAN Data Center, which made its first data center investment in 2019 to produce flexible and advanced solutions for increasing internet usage rates and high capacity needs, was authorized as an Internet Service Provider by the Telecommunications Authority in the same year.

General Information
TEKLAN Data Center, which adopts the principle of reliable and uninterrupted service with the slogan of Uptime Experts; With its new generation data center, it serves more than 10,000 people & institutions, more than 5000 websites and more than 2000 SERVER / VDS / VPS in TIER3 standards.

Data center services offered by TEKLAN:
Server Hosting (Colocation)
Server Rental (Dedicated Server)
Cloud Servers RCD
Managed Services
Security Services (Cyber ​​Security Services)
Shared web hosting, domain name, SSL and license rental

TEKLAN Data Center makes a difference with its high-level physical security, air conditioning infrastructure, redundant internet access, advanced technology that provides energy, and experienced technical team. Today, thousands of critical applications belonging to public and private sector organizations or individuals are hosted in the TEKLAN Data Center. With its experience and fully redundant infrastructure since 2001, TEKLAN is able to offer 99.99% "uptime" guarantee to its customers within the terms of SLA.
Quality and Information Security Policy

TEKLAN Quality Policy
TEKLAN Data Center is a leading technology company that develops rapidly, always aims to be among the leading data center companies, and gives priority to the satisfaction of its customers under all circumstances. Our service quality standards that we offer to our customers comply with the internationally recognized ISO 9001 Quality Management System requirements.

As TEKLAN Data Center,
To meet customer needs and expectations accurately and on time by prioritizing ethical values,
To increase efficiency in all processes to a level that can compete at the international level in line with the continuous improvement approach,
To carry out trainings for the development of its employees
To control the efficiency of the Quality Management System, its compliance with standards and legal regulations, with internal audits,
To be an organization that constantly learns with the contributions of its suppliers, business partners, customers and employees,
To act jointly with all relevant parties for the continuity of stable growth and long-term success,
In order to fulfill all these conditions, we accept and undertake to comply with the conditions of the Quality Management System with the participation of our employees and to continuously improve the efficiency of the system.

TEKLAN Information Security Policy
TEKLAN Data Center's competencies in this field have been internationally certified with the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate, valid all over the world, in order to manage all kinds of risks to business continuity and information assets.

As TEKLAN Data Center,
Certification and continuous improvement to fulfill the requirements of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System,
Managing risks to information assets,
To carry out continuous trainings for the development of its employees in order to increase information security,
To comply with all legal regulations and contracts within the scope of information security,
To control the compliance of the Information Security Management System with standards and legal regulations with internal audits,
In order to fulfill these conditions, we accept and undertake to comply with the terms of the Information Security Management System with the participation of our employees and to continuously improve the efficiency of the system.

TEKLAN Energy Management System Policy
TEKLAN Data Center supports studies that comply with EN ISO 50001 Energy Management System requirements, taking into account sustainability and social responsibility criteria in all processes determined and carried out in accordance with its Vision and Strategy.
In order to prevent the disruption of processes due to the increase in energy costs and consumption; By using projects and methods that will reduce energy costs and increase efficiency, studies are carried out in line with the requirements in line with these targets.
Aiming at continuous improvement, the Energy Management System is based on the energy performance, savings and efficiency of all processes and covers all employees.

As TEKLAN Data Center;
To always comply with legal requirements, to reduce energy costs by adapting current successful practices and technologies with energy efficiency and low operating costs, to protect energy resources by eliminating waste,
To set goals and targets to increase energy efficiency in its activities,
Adapting the continuous improvement processes to achieve the goals with the resource support of the management, tracking individual and department-based achievements and rewarding them,
To ensure the availability of information supporting the design and purchase of processes, facilities, equipment and services on the basis of energy efficiency,
To train its employees on energy saving and efficiency, to support their energy-efficient habits,
To obtain academic and professional support and to establish partnerships with government agencies and other organizations in energy saving initiatives when deemed necessary,
To provide information support in the production of our suppliers for the efficient use of energy in line with our energy policy, and to regularly review our Energy Policy mentioned above and update it in the light of developments if necessary.
We are committed.

Best regards, TEKLAN